Over 30 years experience.

The best quality, specifically tailored product in Australia today for all indoor and outdoor applications.


Why choose Jarrett Arena Mirrors?

To keep improving and reaching our riding goals, we all need help in our training. 

Is the horse's frame correct? Are the flying changes clean? Is your position the best it can be? It's impossible to know when you're on your own. You need to be able to see what's going on and how to fix it. Aside from hiring a full time trainer, the only way is with mirrors.

That's where we can help. At Jarrett Arena Mirrors, we give riders that essential training tool with premium quality mirrors designed and made for arenas, and arenas only. We're riders and competitors ourselves, with 35 years' experience in the glass industry. So we know our stuff. 

Ten years ago, we too were looking for safe and durable mirrors for our own arena. BUT what we found was repurposed, unsafe and warped. 

So we invented our own system for use indoors and outdoors, with an adjustable angle, super strong steel frame and special safety glass.

We understand that mirrors are an investment so we've made our system modular. You can start with one mirror and build up from there to a whole 20 metre span. Best of all, the image is crystal clear from helmet to hoof.

Jarrett Arena Mirrors is the only choice if you're serious about your sport and the safety of your horse. It's the second best full-time trainer you'll find. 

Jarrett Arena Mirrors introduces a series of training videos with Australian Champion Brett Parbery.

Brett Parbery demonstrates how he uses Jarrett Arena Mirrors to help in his training.
The difference mirrors make to your everyday riding can’t be underestimated. It’s really like having a coach with you every second of the ride.
— Susan Elekessy, FEI Rider and Professional Coach